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"I have ridden a Bianchi bicycle for EVERY record and race that I have done. The new Infinito C2C is exceptionally comfortable for long rides and races"

"Vuelta wheels are well-built and reliable. I use them exclusively. They provide exceptional performance as I have relied on them for all of my recent races and were key to my 24-Hour track record."

"The Cardo Bk-1 communication is the best communication system I have used. The sound quality is unmatched! Communication between the crew and a RAAM rider can make or break a race; this system is unsurpassed."

"I rely on my RecoveryPump recovery boots for warm-up, relaxation and recovery. They are an integral part of my training regimen."

"The tradition of Bell helmets is safetly and comfort. For long rides and races, I make use of Bell's smooth fit system to easily adjust my helmet while I am riding."

"Jon Tallerico, owner of the Lodi Bicycle Shop, has been in the bicycle industry for at least as long as I have been racing. He brings experience & expert mechanical skills to our little piece of the world."

Thanks to the following individual 2015 contributors:

Gilbert Romo

Florence Hoeth

Dorothy Premo

Carl Beddig

"Take the risk to pursue what you love, always believing in yourself and never allowing the fear of failure to pollute your mind."

Photo Alex Chiu © 2013